Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Exxon/Mobil, Chevron etc

I am so sick of these gas companies advertising on television (specifically on channels like: CNN, Fox and so on). The gas companies have annoying commercials, based on telling us (viewer) how much they care, and they are developing new technologies to help us conserve energy.

My rant begins with, do they really care? No! Why would gas companies develop technologies so our dependence can be minimized? It is a lie. Exxon/Mobile continues to get record profits every quarter. Why would they want to reduce their profits? They have so much money now, that don't even know where to spend it and they are certainly not spending their profits on new technologies to help us. "Hmm...lets make a commercial and see how many stupid people actually think we care"....

I just want to know why these huge companies continue to do this... does the public believe them? I certainly don't. And I hope you aren't manipulated by this bull****.